DermaSwiss Kit for In-depth Skin Training

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This kit includes everything you need for in-depth skin training with the MyoLift mini Professional microcurrent device.

• Collagen and Myoxinol masks help to conduct the current emitted by the sticky pads, providing an ultra-moisturizing effect due to their collagen content and a tightening and wrinkle-reducing effect due to their Myoxinol content.
• Nanosphere Bio Serum is used prior to the application of the microcurrent to enhance its penetration into the skin; this is an ideal serum for anti-aging and tightening treatments due to its content of Peptides and Stem Cells that help to minimize wrinkles and improve skin laxity and collagen formation; it also contains Niacinamide to help hydrate and rebuild the skin's barrier function, and contains Hyaluronic Acid which thanks to its different molecular weights favors hydration in the different layers of the skin.
• Ceramide NPx is an exceptional moisturizer for mature and dry skin that helps fight against skin aging while promoting strong barrier function (protection and hydration) thanks to its main ingredient, ceramide NPx, the main lipid found in the acid mantle of the skin.

Includes: 10 Collagen & Myoxinol Masks + 5 Packs of Microcurrent Sticky pads (4 Round Electrodes) + Nanosphere Bio Serum 4 oz + 1 Ceramide NPx 6 oz