Esthetician: Discover 5 SkinCare and Beauty Trends 2024

As a professional esthetician, ensure your readiness for a prosperous 2024 by staying informed on the latest trends in the skincare and beauty sector. Familiarize yourself with advancements like NeuroGlow, prioritize quality with potent formulas, and acknowledge the growing significance of men's skincare routines.




Do you want to grow as a professional esthetician and transform your life? Staying updated on the data, trends, and innovations in the skincare industry is crucial. Especially considering that the United States led this market with approximately $23.59 billion in revenue in 2023. This makes the country a landscape full of opportunities for skincare specialists.

The skincare and beauty trends in 2024 set the industry standard and also open exciting opportunities for professional estheticians looking to enhance their services and customer experience.

Let's explore the key trends that will shape 2024 and provide valuable insights for excelling in your field.


1. NeuroGlow: connection between beauty and mental wellness

Consumers are increasingly recognizing the impact that physical appearance care (including skincare) has on mental well-being. Prioritizing both mind and body is integral to the overall wellness individuals seek.

Focusing on external appearance while enhancing mental well-being will be a strengthened trend in 2024. This trend will involve the integration of technology, personalization, stress-relief techniques, and daily routines to emphasize the role of beauty in a more balanced life.

According to the global report from research firm Mintel, this connection between beauty and mental well-being will lead to the enhancement of two practices in 2024:

  • Psychodermatology: explores the relationship between psychological well-being and skin health.
  • Neurocosmetics: focuses on the mind-skin connection and how products can trigger nerve impulses and evoke emotional stimuli.

The comprehensive beauty approach underlying the "NeuroGlow" trend presents an opportunity for professional estheticians offering skincare treatments and products.

Skincare experts can provide added value to their clients by:

  1. Offering treatments that incorporate rituals and sensory experiences.
  2. Sharing positive habits with patients to uplift their mindset.
  3. Promoting the importance of healthier skin with personalized services and dermatologically proven high-quality products.


2. Growth in the digital world for estheticians

Opportunities for professional estheticians are no longer confined solely to in-person interactions. The digital world is open to all, offering estheticians the option to provide comprehensive services through virtual consultations and online sales of skincare products.

  • Digital estheticians can specialize in providing skin care consultations and personalized tips to clients via video calls or phone conversations. Individuals require professional guidance to navigate through the myriad of skincare product options. They are willing to pay for consultations to determine the ideal products for their skin type and to receive follow-up to ensure proper usage.
  • Digital channels such as social media platforms allow professional estheticians to share their expertise and mastery in the beauty and skincare industry. Consistently generating content across multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube can showcase your potential and attract the attention of individuals interested in skincare.

The digital world is vast and brimming with opportunities to expand your business as a professional esthetician. Moreover, it offers flexibility to your personal and professional life while allowing you to optimize costs and broaden the range of services you offer.


3. Focus on quality and concentrated formulas


The paradigm in the beauty and skincare industry is shifting. Consumers are recognizing the importance of high-quality and effective products. 

In 2024, the use of flashy packaging and campaigns will no longer be as relevant to people. There will be a greater focus on wanting to know and verify that beauty and skincare products have quality ingredients and guaranteed effectiveness.

This beauty and skincare trend for 2024 represents an advantage for professional estheticians who use products developed by brands with a scientific foundation, research, clinical studies, and certifications backing their quality. 

By being able to verify this support and having transparent information about the benefits of product ingredients, clients will be more willing to choose options with higher prices. They will feel confident that they are investing in solutions that deliver results.

 66% of beauty product buyers in the US say they prefer to use high-quality products regardless of the price.

 Fuente: Mintel

As skincare experts, it is crucial to choose products backed by experts and medical validation. Having concentrated formulations requires professional handling to effectively treat skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging.

The effectiveness in treating specific problems will allow clients to perceive faster improvements in their skin. This will attract more discerning patients who seek a high standard in skincare treatments.


4.  Growth in men's skincare

The stereotype surrounding beauty rituals for men is increasingly coming to an end. 

Men are dedicating more time and investment to treatments and products for their well-being and beauty. Conversations about male beauty and wellness are frequently found on social media, which has been noticed by the market, thus boosting its relevance.

This shift allows beauty brands and professional estheticians to find increased demand. Primarily, skincare, nail care, and wellness services can take advantage of this break in the stereotype, as these services are becoming more sought after.

The growth in demand for male beauty and personal care services will enable an evolution in this segment. It will progress from facial treatments to more specialized services such as microblading, acne treatments, or injectables. It will be a real opportunity that skincare experts will be able to capitalize on.

51% of men are willing to dedicate more time to their beauty and personal care routine”.

Fuente: WGSN & Fresha Beauty Survey, 2023


5. Skin diagnostic technology

Technological innovation in the beauty and skincare industry has been on the rise in recent years.

 In 2024, the trend of using technology for skin diagnostics will gain even more momentum. In the skincare market, technological diagnostic innovations have already been experienced alongside new products that help consumers understand their skin needs from home.

An example of this is, according to "The Future of Beauty and Wellness Report 2024," a smart mirror developed by a South Korean brand. It connects with an app to recommend devices and products based on a selfie analysis and lifestyle data.

People have become more receptive to new technologies and their use as diagnostic techniques that influence their well-being. 

For professional estheticians seeking to grow and stay at the forefront, it is important to include technological tools and smart devices within the treatment experience they provide.


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