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Skin Renewing Exfoliant

Gentle exfoliant made with Diatomaceous Earth (marine fossil rich in Silica) that helps achieve a deep yet safe exfoliation. Removes dead skin cells without drying or irritating the skin. Contains Papaya leaf extract, which helps clarify the skin, and Squalane, which is derived from green olives and ensures the skin’s hydrolipidic film is not altered. Moisturizes and lubricates the skin without causing excess sebum. The Peppermint extract provides both antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Suitable for all skin types. Ph level: 6.2

How To Use

Apply over face and neck using soft and small circular motions, rinse with plenty of water. For deeper exfoliation mix with Glycocell. Can be used as a desincrustant, prior to extractions. In this case, apply it without massaging the skin and use in conjunction with the steamer. Based on skin type, it can also be used as a “gommage”, letting scrub dry and then removing it. For sensitive skin, rosacea or acne, apply with a small fan brush, do not massage onto the skin and remove with plenty of water.