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Size: 1.0oz/30ml


Bio Skin Restoration Gel

A unique restorative formula with powerful healing and regenerating properties for the skin. Acts as epidermal growth factor and promotes epithelial repair. The Bioplasma FA (combination of Plankton extract and Arginine Ferulate) provides optimal cell detoxification, increases the ATP production and improves cellular vitality and health, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles and premature aging. The presence of the Hyalo Oligo (hyaluronic acid of very low molecular weight) and Saccharide Isomerate increase the capacity of water retention to maintain hydration. Aloe Vera provides healing and restorative properties. Glycolic acid involved in cell turnover, significantly improves the appearance and texture of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Ph level: 5.5

How To Use

For professional use, ideal for application after chemical peels, microneedles, microdermabrasion, laser procedures and wax. Excellent as part of a maintenance program for skin being treated with acid peels for rejuvenating effects. Ideal for the treatment of small wounds or burns. At home, apply at morning and night. For all skin types. Excellent as an after shaving